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Stories of Hope

We help needy mothers in a range of circumstances -- young and unmarried, newly arrived to the country, facing a difficult pregnancy, in an abusive relationship, suffering financial hardship.

Here are a few mothers helped recently by the Gabriel Project (names changed for confidentiality) and selected examples of the support we provided:


The father of her baby has left the country and has no contact with her. Her pregnancy is high-risk. The project gave her baby afghan blankets, baby clothes, prayer books, and religious articles. The project will also provide clothing for her two older children and will help her pay for prenatal care.


She gave birth to twin girls.  She received two cribs and mattresses, which were delivered and assembled by project volunteers.  She also received baby blankets, clothing, and prayer books.


The project provided baby clothes, grocery gift cards, and other material items. Because her boyfriend had kicked her in the face, she had lost some teeth. Her Angel Friend found a dentist who, at no cost, is replacing June's missing teeth and performing other dental services for her. 


The project will be giving her both a double stroller and diapers for her toddler and the baby soon to be born.  She also received a baby afghan blanket, and voucher for a car seat, prayer books, a rosary, and a Miraculous Medal.


The project gave her a bassinet, a crib, a chair, diapers, a bouncy seat, grocery gift cards, and Christmas gifts.  The project advised her on arranging for baptism of her son.


She is 18 years old and is pregnant with her second child. The project gave her clothing, diapers, and a car seat voucher. She has applied for junior college.


The father of her baby hit her when she was pregnant because he wanted her to miscarry. She now has a restraining order against him. She delivered a healthy baby. The project will be helping her with baby clothes, diapers, etc.


Over a period of time, the project helped her through several pregnancies by providing grocery gift cards, diapers, clothing, religious articles, etc. Her children have been baptized and she is now working.

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