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Stories of Hope

We help needy mothers in a range of circumstances -- young and unmarried, newly arrived to the country, facing a difficult pregnancy, in an abusive relationship, suffering financial hardship.

Here are a few mothers helped recently by the Gabriel Project (names changed for confidentiality) and selected examples of the support we provided:


She gave birth to twins. She received two cribs and mattresses, sheets, a double stroller, clothes for her newborns and toddler, diapers and wipes, a car seat for her toddler, a bathtub, Christmas gifts for herself and her toddler, a baby carrier, a diaper bag, prayer books, and story books. Her Angel Friend visited several times.


She was given Christmas gifts, a crib, stroller, baby clothes, grocery gift cards, blankets, bathtub, Thanksgiving dinner, and clothes for her older girl.


She was provided with baby clothes, blankets, grocery gift cards, bathtub, stroller, crib, a Thanksgiving dinner, clothes for her two older children, and Christmas gifts.


Her Angel Friend provided her with diapers, wipes, a grocery gift card, baby clothes, and nursing supplies. Giselle is grateful to be able to share her faith with her Angel Friend. Giselle’s baby boy was baptized at a local parish.


Her Angel Friend visited her in the hospital after she gave birth and gave her infant formula. One of the project’s crib team members delivered and assembled a new crib at Juanita’s home, along with providing a mattress and sheets.

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